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Designing and developing a report for the Swedish Center for Sports Research

Graphic Design, UX, Development, Wordpress

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The Swedish Research Council for Sport Science annually releases a report on the statistics and findings in their research on Sports in Sweden. This report is usually printed as a PDF and sent to media and political parties but now they wanted a webpage where they could share this information easily and accessible.


For this project I was involved in all parts from the start to the finished product. We had to keep the process fast and as simple as possible so my process looked like this.

  1. Defining the users together with the client.
  2. Refining the findings and creating user journeys.
  3. Designing rough wireframes based on the user journeys.
  4. Designing a concept based on user journeys.
  5. Develop a custom WordPress theme with the functions needed and implementing the design.

Challenges and Solutions

Since time and resources was an issue we did not have the possibility to make thorough user research. I had to trust my design and UX principles and make sure the user journeys we designed from was as easy and understandable. I designed the page with four different main colours to separate their sections and make them stand out as much as possible making it easy to find the section the user want to read more about. Together with statistics we made it an easy to read and welcoming page for their users.

Example of a statistics component
Example of a statistics component