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Designing a warm and welcoming insurance company-experience

UX Design, UX Research, Design

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Bliwa is an insurance company who focuses on group-insurances for labor unions and employers. I worked in this project as Lead UX designer to build a better insurance experience for their customers.


After many years of gaining new connected labor unions and employers, their external web and logged in web had become out of control and they’ve noticed a rise in calls to their customer service from users who had problems navigating their web and understanding their offer. Our mission was to first rebuild their external web with a user centred focus to better present their offer and then to build one logged in mode for all of their current and future users.

Wireframes of different pagetypes
Wireframes of different pagetypes


With an old page who had grown out of proportion with different pages for their employers and unions and users who could only find those pages and that information via google searches we needed to come up with a solution to collect all that information and make it accessible to the users. At the same time catering to the employers and unions needs and be able to provide the information needed.


With the help of user research I carried out extensive user interviews to pinpoint the needs of the users and how to build a better version where they easily could find information regarding their employee or union as well as the insurances they are able to purchase. After prototyping I conducted user tests to validate our work and then iterated upon the concept for both the external web as well as the logged in web.

Based on metrics and interviews we could see a better user experience with more satisfied customers who easily could find their employer or union and what insurances they could provide them with. A seamless experience for the logged in web where users could get a quick overview of their insurances and conditions.

Components for webpage
Components for webpage
Guiding segments for webpage
Guiding segments for webpage